Everytime It Snows


Everytime it snows I think of you, and this is the snowiest winter we have had in years.

Shot Star


I still wonder what you wished for on that shooting star, because it sure as hell wasn’t me.

Remember When


Remember when you said “I’m sorry”? Yeah, me neither.

Oh and you’re going to die alone, I hope that’s what makes you happy.

I realize now that there isn’t a damn thing I can do about anything. Everything is so futile and still all I wish is to be able to make you happy. Essentially I am fucked in the head and you are a complete bitch for the way you treated me. I still don’t even blame you though I should, you are young, stupid, and clearly unbalanced but I will still love with all my heart you until the day I die.

Why can’t you be the part of me that’s missing? Instead of leaving me for some other, say we’re perfect for each-other and I know we won’t go spend this life alone.

All alone at the end of the of the evening
And the bright lights have faded to blue
I was thinking ’bout a woman who might have
Loved me and I never knew

I still keep Friday night open if you want to start again. They say the third time’s a charm.